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Reduce Your Age

When it comes to your age, there’s no getting younger

But when it comes to your health, there is a chance to become more fit, strong and most importantly, healthy. This HICST (High Intensity Circuit Strength Training) class is designed to reduce your fitness age with concepts from the American Heart Association and Ph.D. Ulrik Wisloff. Using this advanced technology, determine your current fitness level and age.

Good cardiovascular fitness (CRF) leads to “Potentially stronger predictor of mortality than established risk factors such as smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, and type-2 diabetes mellitus.” – American Heart Association (Men’s Fitness October 2017)

As a prerequisite to this Fitness Age Program, I kindly ask you to measure your Fitness Age using this test provided by World Fitness Level.

Included in this Program:

  • Get trained personally by Men’s Fitness and TRAIN Magazine Recognized Trainer, Tommy Tank
  • Two months / 24 sessions / 3 per week / 22.5 minutes
  • Mornings: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6:00am
  • Evenings: Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm
  • $45 per session