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My Journey

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In 2009, I was flying to China for business when I developed a blood clot in my leg. It was not diagnosed correctly while I was overseas and, a week later, I flew back only to find it was making its way up my body. I was very fortunate to survive. The incident radically transformed my outlook on life, and I knew then I had to make a change.

Last year, after spending 38 years in the manufacturing sector and 17 years owning my own company, I decided to make a move. I knew now was the time to go for it and make fitness and fashion not just a hobby, but my new career. At 56 years old with 15% body fat and at nearly 200 lbs, I had a long way to go. I had to commit 100% of my mind and body. I developed an intense nutrition plan and fitness routine specifically designed to achieve a modeling physique: 7% body fat, 32W, 41 Jacket—numbers I haven’t seen since the ‘70s! I achieved these goals in five months. Men’s Fitness recently picked up the story, which will be featured in the June 2017 issue, as well as the UK’s Train Magazine, out September 2017.

Tommy Tank Fitness can get you to your goals. My fitness and nutrition plans will get you results. “Life After Fifty” should be a great time for you—with improved fitness, a better quality of life, and total fulfillment each and every day.

You have one body. Own it.