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Lean in 22.5 Minutes Nutrition

Slim Down without Slowing Down

When it comes to your personal fitness and wellbeing, meal planning and making healthy choices are vital to set yourself up for success. Tommy Tank Fitness has developed an unique dietary health regimen to help improve your quality of life. Get back on track with dietary tips and tricks, quick and easy recipes, and start planning your health goals with this ONLINE ONLY guide. Tommy Tank is here to help you look and feel better inside and out, no matter what life stage you are in.

Included in this Program:

  • 10 items I eat everyday
  • 20 items I eat every week
  • 13 secrets to a lean body
  • What's in Tommy Tank's pantry
  • Dinner: from prep to clean up in under 22.5 minutes
  • 25 unique and personalized recipes