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Take The Next Step

With a 22.5 minute workout designed to burn 20 calories per minute, Tommy Tank Fitness helps you master your body in the gym and still have time to live life outside it.

Load to Explode

This class is targeted to improve youth baseball players’ ball exit speed through step-by-step training using strength, stamina and baseball mechanics.

Lean In 22.5 Minutes (Fitness)

This 22.5-minute high-intensity workout will help you transform your mind and body. Sculpt, tone and challenge yourself with this quick, effective circuit class.

Lean In 22.5 Minutes (Nutrition)

Fuel up in 22.5 minutes to shape up your body for a lifetime. Follow the Tommy Tank Fitness nutrition regimen to feel better and see real results.

Reduce Your Age

This HICST (High Intensity Circuit Strength Training) class is designed to reduce your fitness age with concepts from the American Heart Association and Ph.D. Ulrik Wisloff.

Additional Services Provided

Personal Training

Take advantage of Tommy Tank's experience and expertise with individualized workout regimes and in-person coaching tailored to your specific fitness needs.

Corporate Wellness

Caring for your employees' health is critical to attracting and retaining talent today. Tommy Tank works with companies to create wellness programs that help employees manage their health and diet.

Nutritional Counseling

Personalized plans for optimizing your diet to ensure your mind and body are getting the nutrients they need for a high performance lifestyle.

TPI Training

Tommy Tank is a certified TPI fitness expert, using Titleist Performance Institute's proven methods to help you perfect your golf health and fitness.


My Food Pyramid

Eliminate Sugar Plan

Life After Fifty