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You Have One Body, Own It.

Whether you are trying to live your best life at age 13 or 50, Tommy Tank helps you take control of your health and build the foundation for a healthy future. Established September 2017, Tommy Tank Fitness is a fitness gym that is unlike any other in the Milwaukee market.

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Tommy Tank on CBS 58

Watch CBS' Julie Parise tour my gym and learn how I'm inspiring folks in the Wisconsin area to get in shape.

Tommy Tank on Fox 6

Fox 6's Brian Kramp sits down with Tommy Tank to discuss transitioning from manufacturing to building his own fitness brand.

Get Fit With These Programs

Load to Explode

This class is targeted to improve youth baseball players’ ball exit speed through step-by-step training using strength, stamina and baseball mechanics.

Lean In 22.5 Minutes (Fitness)

This 22.5-minute high-intensity workout will help you transform your mind and body. Sculpt, tone and challenge yourself with this quick, effective circuit class.

Lean In 22.5 Minutes (Nutrition)

Fuel up in 22.5 minutes to shape up your body for a lifetime. Follow the Tommy Tank Fitness nutrition regimen to feel better and see real results.

Reduce Your Age

This HICST (High Intensity Circuit Strength Training) class is designed to reduce your fitness age with concepts from the American Heart Association and Ph.D. Ulrik Wisloff.


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Patrick Walter

Age 55

Hobbies include cross training and obstacle racing mainly Spartan... I've done 3 workouts with Tommy tank Fitness using primarily kettlebells and I have found in under 30 minutes I've gotten a great cardio and strength work out using heart rate monitor I average 80% of max heart rate and over 400 calories burned. This would take at least an hour in a more traditional gym with treadmills free weights and other machines. Plus the workout was fun and the variety of stations made the time go fast.

Richie Burke

Age 29

As someone who has a lot going on and is looking to get in better shape I've loved going to Tommy Tank Fitness the last few weeks. His 22.5 minute HIT workouts are quick, high energy and it's a great environment. Tank is a passionate teacher and very knowledgable when it comes to fitness and health. I highly recommend stopping in for a class and consuming his online content to get fit and stay motivated.